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About this Blog

Hello friends. This blog is partially a result of some of my close friends encouraging me to blog regularly verses write long articles upon my internet site which are supposedly hard to locate and even harder to read. They’re really not that long, only 15 to 20 pages each. What, you don’t like edification and truth?

The more prominent and serious reason is the need for every man alive to know and discover what the “Christian” life really entails according to the Bible. Despite the thousands upon thousands of so-called “Christian” leaders claiming to know the truth and sharing it with others, most of these don’t really even know God and are actually either purposefully or unwittingly deceiving the masses into all kinds of falsehoods. I am one man among a few others that find it a privilege to both defend and live a more genuine Christianity for all to see and investigate. We are not perfect people, though we aim to know the Perfect as we seek Him daily, renounce what remains within our old selves and purpose to make Him known among mankind. If you have any interest in what the Bible exhibits as true Christian living than you can find some healthy nourishment and discussion upon this site and through the links at the bottom of the Home Page. These are men I know and trust, and they will steer you to Jesus and not themselves. They want only for you to serve Him and love Him like they do.

Please be free to comment courteously. We are not offended by others who may disagree, though this site is ultimately for the encouragement of the saints who stand rightly upon the written Word of God, the Bible.


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