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About Me

My name is Michael Ferguson and I presently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I will turn the big 55 this July and have never been married and have no children. I own a small property maintenance business here in town. I have a few hobbies, but they pale in comparison to my true passion which is for my Lord and His work among His people and this world.

For the most part, I spend my time being about my Father’s business whether that be through my writing, speaking, work, free time or hobbies. I have never been a religious professional and strongly dislike and even oppose the status quo of religion and what is being called Christianity these days. I’ve been blessed over the past year or so to have met several likeminded brother’s and sisters (over the internet, phone calls, emails and now video conferencing through Google) and a couple of face to face meetings from those who live in other states. We all aim to encourage one another regularly and cultivate the type of intimate relationships and fellowship we believe our Lord would have for us. We all work at this and each occasionally share what we believe the Holy Spirit is teaching us from day to day. Our posts and comments often intersect as He brings us closer together.

I am very open to meeting new people provided they are genuine in their pursuit of Christ. I do not and will not spend my time with people who lives revolve around fun, entertainment and the like. This only proves one has never experienced joy unspeakable and full of glory- the result of being filled with the Spirit- which by the way is a command. Once you do, fun will lose its flavor forever. You cannot compare the natural with the supernatural, they literally stem from two different worlds. Someone once said, “Choose this day…..whom you will serve.”

In short, I do not live for myself but for Him who died on my behalf, that is, Christ. If you cannot honestly say this yourself, you need to read your Bible much more. A Christian is one who has been purchased by the blood of Christ and therefore they no longer have any right to themselves- a right to live however they please. They are bought, therefore no longer their own, but His. I strongly encourage you to think this through. These are very sobering words friend, and they are not mine but His!

My aim on this blog is to remind every man of what God Himself says must remain at the center of true Christianity: the Cross of Jesus Christ. My other site also denotes this but talks more about the relationship of one believer to another and how we are called to serve and fellowship one with another.

If you have looked over either of these sites you will discover that I do not go to church. I haven’t gone now for 18+ years although their was a brief relapse with a brethren fellowship. I love these folks, their still my friends but they are also caught up in some forms of ritual and sectarianism. That’s why I left formally gathering with them. In light of what I often write about upon my sites, I could have rightly been labeled a hypocrite had I continued to act in a fashion opposed to what I share on the internet.

I strongly believe that Jesus is building local ekklesias in specific geographical locales and we should work with Him toward that end. I oppose all, yes all, sectarian and “Christian institutions” of every kind, stripe and origin as all service (what people wrongly call ministry) stems from a local ekklesia. It is only due to the neglect and disobedience of God’s people that so-called “Christian” hospitals, colleges, rest homes. insurance agencies, food banks, mission organizations and every other institution were ever created. I do not and will not sanction ANY of them under ANY circumstances so please don’t ask me to do so. You are free to carry your own convictions of course in these matters before God.

Lastly, I have a special concern for those whom I often call “among the forgotten.” These are people for whom I often pray and claim before my Father. They are those most often ostracized by men’s churches and religions, labeled radicals, rebels, lone rangers and a host of other derogatory terms due to their determination to uphold God’s high and holy standards found in the Bible. It is for you that I lay down my time, my resources, my life.

I hope to meet with you all some day, sinner or saint this side of paradise. Take seriously the words and wisdom of the things written herein and by my friends. Obeying the Word of God is not an option on the road to heaven, but an absolute necessity if one is to honor their Lord and reap the benefits thereof. Please take His people and His Word seriously for His name’s sake, ok?

Among the forgotten, at least for now,

In Jesus and Him Crucified, Michael


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Brother Michael, I have been reading up on your posts here and your other site, and I must say, I am finally getting some answers to the questions I have been asking. God has been giving me these answers but for some reason it’s one of those thing that sort of hang in the air, where you are not sure if you are really hearing what you are hearing.

    For example about religious organisations, the Lord has rid me of my involvement in all these things (and there was a lot, because I thought it was in service to Him) and if not that i am determined for His Will to be done, i could have continued doing so believing He could not have told me to stop.

    The things I have read are a confirmation to a lot and like I wrote to you earlier, in reply to your comment on my blog, I get so speechless because I am in agreement to all that’s been said 🙂

    I am grateful to Him for allowing me to stumble upon your blog.

    Thanks for sharing Truth, albeit a controversial one (in the eyes of religion).

    • Good morning sister,
      Once again, thank you for your kind comments.

      It is true, that I reject all institutional religion as well as religious organizations. That’s a little extreme for some people; nonetheless that’s what I believe My Father would have me to do. That said, I do believe that despite these organizations being the inventions of men, He still leads some of His people to these places for specific reasons of His own, just as He leads them out once He accomplishes the purposes He desires through those individual sons or daughters. As a Christian, I attended 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous because I formally struggled with that problem. Because I was born again prior and rested upon His Word and direction, God protected me from the deception so rampant in that place. I basically became a preacher of the good news in that place for some 12 years. Then, despite the advice of current friends, I both left and renounced that place entirely never to return. I have never since has a single desire to drink as God has changed my heart entirely.

      I share this in the hope that you aren’t to hard on yourself for being a part of those places or how it may have affected others or even your daughter. God has His reasons for what He does, sometimes He shows us, sometimes He doesn’t. As you know, what really matters is are we following Him today, obeying Him in the present regardless of the consequences. I thank God that you have done that, and are continuing to do so.

      • Thank you so much Michael for your encouragement and lovely words.

        I understand totally what you have said.

        I do believe, like you, that Father leads us into so many places and leads us out when the work is done, just like He did when I went to this church.

        I am ever so grateful to him that my daughter only has little or nothing in her from religion. The little she has, the Lord has been able to “reformat” and continues to do so.

        The main work is in me…lol..but I am willing to learn and He is teaching.

        I do sometimes feel quite sad that somewhere I held once dear has become somewhere i know I won’t be returning to again and the people I once held so dear, have become people I may not ever come into contact with again (unless Father wills it) and some of them have blacklisted me because of my obedience to the lord; which some have called mental problems and all sorts of things.

        It sure wasn’t how I imagined things to be but I know I prayed to the Lord to make me more like Him. If this and more is the cost, I am willing to pay it.

        Jesus is indeed my all and I will give up everything (I have given up everything I know so far) and anything to follow Him.

        Happy to find brothers like you to glean experiences from.

  2. Good afternoon brother. Tomorrow morning @ 6am folks from around the country are joining in a time of prayer of repentance. We start with,
    “When My people…” So first we pray for repentance in our own hearts, so our prayers aren’t hindered when we pray according to His Will. Then we pray for the Lord to do the same thing in our friends family and fellowships, and then finally for American Christianity. You in too?!?!
    We got folks from several states plus the US and Canada. This started with my email list of all things. Miss you brother. How’s the ice?

    Email or call me later.

    Mickey Merrie

  3. I value your judgment in these things Michael. Yes, of course I’m in. I’m back from my trip up north, we can discuss that later, and now doing a lot of soul searching and communing with saints online. I am very refreshed, encouraged and even writing again. I even met another wonderful gal originally from Nigeria online. I’ll send you her site later.
    As to the ice, fishing was great up north as was the time alone. I’m playing some hockey later today as a means of outreach around 5pm. Yes, this 51 year old still skates like the wind!
    I’ll try to call you today prior to that outing.

    Glad to hear from you Michael.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I recently came across your website and liked a number of your postings. In particular, I agree with you that the only way we can walk in the newness of Christ’s life is to believe and act on the Biblical truth that our old Adam sinful nature has been crucified with Christ, and we are now dead to sin but alive to God in Christ. You may also be interested in a free eBook, Do Christians Have Two Natures?, that I recently published. It is available on Amazon. if you have the time, I would appreciate in knowing what you think about it.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Peter Newman

    • Hello Peter. I did read your book, but only because I could access it for free. I really see no reason for professing Christians to be charging money for gifts and abilities the Spirit has given them, especially due to the present digital capabilities we now possess.

      I’ll send you a note personally in response to your book. I also like a lot of what you offered therein, though I also think you may have jumped to some premature conclusions. That said, I’m always encouraged by anyone who points others to the cross of Christ, not just for redemption but also for emancipation from sin. This is a blessing no believer ought to neglect to believe.

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